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The heart and soul for handling your Premium SMS services at Cellsynt is our web-based client portal. Here you can hande all administrative tasks including fetching necessary documentation, ordering new services, handling out-payments, changing technical settings and viewing the current status of our services and connections.

Below are some of the features you get access to through our portal:

  • Search amongst all transactions in real time and see detailed information about each one, such as time of transaction, message content, debited tariff and transaction status, including technical data for troubleshooting.
  • Export all transactions for integration or analysis in another system.
  • Fetch real-time statistics with number of transactions and revenue per day and month.
  • Order new services such as more keywords for your shared short codes.
  • View system status in real time at a glance. On the first screen you can always follow current status of all services and get information of any known disturbances currently affecting your products, and what impact these might have.
  • Read documentation for various services, informational material regarding markets, regulations or technical documentation. All in one place.
  • Edit your contact details to assure that all correspondence always reaches the right person in your company, and that all company information is up to date. The editable options are your official address, commerical and technical contact details, preferred communication (mail or e-mail), support information regarding your services for customer queries, as well as banking details for out-payments and invoicing.
  • Alter technical settings for integration that can be changed in real time.
  • Set user rights to allow various levels of access for employees. Examples:
    • Support personell can be given restricted access so as to only be able to search for mobile numbers, in order to provide consumers with support.
    • Technicians can be given access to alter and configure settings, troubleshooting transactions and setting up technical details for new services.
  • Security settings that allow for filtering of allowed IP-numbers or sub-networks.
  • Out-payment management of all services on one page, showing all collective transactions per operator and month, and whether or not these have been invoiced and paid out.

Click the images below to get a swift presentation of the web interface

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