Why should you choose Cellsynt?

Choosing the right provider for Premium SMS services

When choosing a Premium SMS provider, we think there are many things you should consider. Below we have out-lined some of the bits and pieces we deem as most important, and which we put alot of effort into each day. If you have additional queries that extend beyond these points, or work in a company that requires a specific level of confidentiality or performance, or anything else that is not listed, do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help!

So why should you choose Cellsynt?


Corporate advantages

  • Financial stability. For some it is about a temporary campaign, for others it might be the question of handling a bit of their incoming revenue or even to rely on that one deliverer to handle the company's entire source of revenue. Which ever case it might be, we know that having a good financial foundation is the key to letting our customers entrust us with the up-keep of their revenue channels.
    Cellsynt is a 100% privately held and owned company, without any external influence and has shown positive cash flow since the start. The founders have Premium SMS experience since it became available, and the focus has always been to build and maintain the position of being the best mobile transaction network available.
  • Cost effective. It is far easier and more economic to sign up with us than going to each single operator, in every single country.
  • Punctuality. We take promises seriously. Be it a question of getting out-payments on time, or delivering a service on a dead-line, we are always up for the challenge.
  • Correct and clear statements. You will always get clear statements from us showing the period of time concerned, type of debit, short code, country, operator, tariff, number of transactions, revenue, part summaries, currency exchange rates and total sum in the currency we have agreed with you to do business in. We always provide our transactions and exchange rates in accordance with financial regulations and consultancy, so as to always be 100% accurate every single time.
  • High quality and discretion. We work with small and large companies, corporations, financial institutes as well as associations and authorities around the world. This wide spectrum of clients demands a high level of reliability, discretion, security, scalability and competence, which results in a level of quality that is appreciated and expected by all our clients - regardless of their size or function.

Technical benefits

  • One technical integration instead of many connections to various operators with different security demands and interfaces.
  • Code examples available in several programming languages (e.g. ASP, .NET, JSP, PHP, Ruby) and free support to help you get started.
  • Stable and well tested infrastructure. Our vast experience within the mobile business has given us the means to provide you with the highest possible operational stability and exceeding expectations when it comes to performance and complex integrations.
  • 24/7 monitoring. Pro-active rather than re-active is our motto. We monitor all aspects of our systems and the status of connections and performance of every part of the process, all the way down to individual components. We use external nodes on several continents to ensure accessibility to our services at all times. If a problem or deviation occurs, our automated system will try to fix the problem instantly, and if a work-around or automatic fix isn't possible, it will immediately be escalated to our on-call technicians.
  • Competent support. If there are any questions or support issues, we are on call to answer by e-mail, live-chat or telephone, depending on your preference. Beyond office hours any support e-mails always go directly to the on-call technicians for immediate action if urgent.
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