About the company

Cellsynt was founded in 2003 by people with background in selling SMS based content services. This knowledge brought important insight into what needs companies have when using SMS services.

From initially having offered payment services via SMS (Premium SMS) our offering has steadily increased over the years. Today in 2024, besides Premium SMS Cellsynt also offers SMS delivery to virtually the entire world.

Cellsynt is a 100% privately held company without any external influence and has had a positive cash flow since the start.


Our philosophy

Cellsynt stands for a couple of core values which guide our daily work, services we offer and business model.

We offer solutions for everyone. A one-man company, organisation, club or large corporation; we can help you no matter how big or small your company may be, and whatever your need is. We able to offer fully tailored solutions making sure you can always get whatever you need within our business areas. If you are looking for a service that we cannot provide, we are more than happy to help by using our wide network of business contacts to point you in the right direction for the service you need.

We treat our clients like we would like to be treated ourselves. We never want to strain our clients down with long commitment terms. We strive to always carry a transaction based pricing model, so as to always be as clear as possible in our pricing. There are never any hidden fees or sudden extras; a quote from us includes everything you need. Our motivation is knowing our clients are happy and experience an increase of revenue; after all, we experience exactly what you do.

Always ready. It is easy doing business when things are going great, but we are there for you even when things go wrong. We focus hard on working pro-actively so as to always be ready for any surprises. Be it changes in regulations, marketing laws, technical integrations or any other issues you might experience, we are there for you. We prefer to always keep an open and honest dialogue, and not keep problems in the dark.



If you want more information about us or our services and what we can do for you, we’d love to hear from you!


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About us

Cellsynt AB delivers
technical infrastructure for mobile message services

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