Premium SMS details


Available tariffs

A tariff is what a specific price level is called, i.e. the price that the consumer is being debited with VAT included, for instance 10 SEK or 1 €. For Premium SMS there are normally pre-defined tariffs available for use, unlike other payment solutions such as credit cards, where you can define the pricing to be any amount.


Premium SMS-transactions are reported and paid out monthly according to our price list.


Short code

A short code is the number where the SMS order is being sent (in Sweden for instance, these are 5 digit numbers starting with 7, ex. 72456), and needs to be set-up individually for each operator. Normally this number is set-up with all operators in a country, in order to reach full coverage and allow for cross-carrier marketing.

Shared short codes and keywords

As it can be very expensive setting up a unique short code with every operator, short codes are often shared by several clients. In order to differentiate between various services operating on one short code, keywords are used to filter incoming messages (i.e. a prefix), where the keyword is the first word of the message. This way one can provide two various servies on one short code; for instance a service for payment of a background using the keyword PICTURE, and TONE for a ring tone.



Besides national law, each operator and usually one or several regulatory bodies in each country, have rules and regulations in regards to what kind of services one can run, and what kind of content is allowed to be charged for. In addition there are ethical rules and specific marketing rules and regulations that differ in every country. In Sweden for instance, there is the Ethics Board for Premium-rate services (Stiftelsen Etiska Rådet för Betalteletjänster), whose regulations we must adhere to. There is also an organisation called MORGAN, functioning as a forum and operator regulator, with regulations that the operators demand all providers to adhere to.

Premium SMS

Charge your customers for
services via their pre-paid or phone bill by using payments via SMS

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