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Our pricing model for outgoing SMS is transaction based and very simple:
No set-up fee. No monthly fees. Pay only for the messages you send.

Description Price per SMS
Outgoing SMS, Sweden 0.055€
Outgoing SMS, worldwide 0.085€

If you predict to send or receive more than 50.000 messages per month or require country specific pricing, please contact us for more detailed pricing.



Pay by credit card or invoice (requires a credit check). There are no long commitment terms to worry about, if you for some reason wouldn't be satisfied with the service, the account can be cancelled at any time. All our prices are excluding VAT.

Do you want to receive SMS?

When sending SMS you can specify the sender of the message. If you set one of your own mobile numbers as sender any replies will go directly to that mobile.

If you only want to receive SMS (without sending) or you are looking for a better way of handling replies we have a solution.

Virtual mobile numbers

A virtual mobile number looks just like an ordinary mobile number but the difference is that it is not connected to a physical handset, it is only existing virtually in the network. When an SMS is sent to the number you are free to specify what should happen. All messages can be seen in our web interface where you easily can reply to, handle and export them. If you want you can also receive an e-mail notification or HTTP request (for technical API integration) whenever a message is received.

Country Number format Start-up fee Monthly fee Description
Denmark +45XXXXXXXX 0 € 70 € Support for SMS from Danish mobile operators.
Finland +358XXXXXXXXX 0 € 30 € Support for SMS from Finnish mobile operators.
Norway +47XXXXXXXX 0 € 30 € Support for SMS from Norwegian mobile operators.
Sweden +4673X-XXXXXX 0 € 30 € Support for SMS from Swedish mobile operators.
Sweden +4673X-XXXXXXYYYY 0 € 105 € Support for SMS from Swedish mobile operators. This alternative gives you the ability to add either 1, 2, 3 or 4 additional digits in the end of the mobile phone number. This gives you 10, 100, 1.000 or 10.0000 different phone number combinations.
United Kingdom +447786-XXXXXX 0 € 30 € Number in Vodafone UK's network which has a very good international reach. Best option if you are planning to receive messages from many operators globally.

Are you missing a country? We only list the most common countries we work in above, if you need a number in any other country please let us know and we'll do our best to serve your needs.

Setup: Please contact us to order a number. Setup takes up to 1 working day for numbers in Sweden, 1-5 working days for other countries.

Gold numbers (Sweden only): If you require a Gold Number (an often easier-to-remember kind of number for use in marketing material etc) we can offer this in Sweden for an additional 25€ per month. To receive an updated list of available gold numbers, please contact us.


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