Our web interface

Get started sending SMS quickly with the help of our web interface. You log in directly through our website with a username and password given to you at the activation of your account.

All you need is an internet connection

The benefit of using a web interface is that you are never bound to any specific computer or equipment to handle your messaging needs. No software or installations: any computer connected to the internet will do.

Easy-to-use and stable

Our web interface has been developed with focus on ease of use. No thick manuals or advanced computing skills are needed. By years of feedback from our clients, we have continuously developed our interface and its functions. This has resulted in a user-friendly tool with an array of functions, that has been used by our clients for several years.


Clever contact management

Sending messages to one person, group(s) or even thousands of recipients is just as easy from our tool. Save your contacts with name and number in the address book, then create groups to use for your messaging.

When you wish to send a message, click the contacts or groups you wish to reach, type in a message, choose an originator and press send - it's that easy!


Two-way communication: Catch replies to your messages...

If you wish to enable the option to respond to messages you send you can use a virtual mobile phone number which looks just like a normal mobile phone number to the recipient. Set this number as the originator of the message and all replies will arrive directly into your account where you will be able to read and act on them.

...or allow people to message you directly

Market your virtual number, and allow people to message you directly. Use the settings in the web interface to decide what should happen when a message is received. Forward all messages to an e-mail address, or forward it to any system of your choice by a technical HTTP GET request. Opt to forward all messages directly to another mobile phone number or groups of people, where you can also restrict which mobile phone numbers are allowed to send messages that will be forwarded. These options allow multiple uses for a virtual mobile phone number; group communication, reporting, ordering etc.


Packed with functions and features

  • Import and export. Easily import your current number database and choose how the interface should interpret your sheets of data. When importing, our tool will analyze all your numbers and eradicate invalid numbers. Naturally there is an option to export your groups if you wish to use them in some other way later on.
  • Search, divide and delete. If you work actively with your number databases, we have a collection of smart features in order to search for one or several numbers at once, and add or delete these from your address book or a group, or even several groups - all at once!
  • Templates. Sending the same type of message often? Use templates! When you wish to send a message, choose a template and the application will ask you if you wish to change any details (e.g. in the message "Welcome to your appointment with us tomorrow at 3 pm" you can choose to vary the time).
  • Scheduling. Create a message and set a time for the message to be delivered exactly when you want it to.
  • E-mail to SMS. If you want you can send SMS directly from your e-mail application (e.g. Outlook or Gmail). You will get a unique e-mail address from us that you add as a recipient. You can choose whether the e-mail should be tied directly to one or several mobile numbers or if you prefer to specify the mobile number in either the recipient address or subject. This service has no additional cost, you only pay per sent SMS.
  • Delivery receipts. Follow-up on the delivery status for your messages and recipients in real-time. Get an overview of which contacts, and how many, have received your messages already.

Get started using SMS communication
and experience the advantages today. It's fast, easy and efficient!

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