API integration

If you would like to integrate SMS functionality in an application or system, we offer an SMS gateway with an HTTP API which makes it easy to get started in virtually any programming language. For most popular programming languages we offer example code you may use which makes it quick and easy to get started.

Our SMS API was designed with ease-of-use in mind. It is built upon HTTP communication which requires knowledge most developers already possess and are used to. To send an SMS you simply make an HTTP GET or HTTP POST request with username/password, recipient and text you wish to send.



  • We support all kinds of messages via API. From regular text messages to Unicode, binary messages with full control over UDH and data as well as SMS to specific port (for J2ME applications).
  • Reach multiple recipients in one request. Being able to reach a couple, or thousands of recipients if you wish, by only making one single HTTP request makes it effortless to handle larger sendings.
  • We offer several shortcuts which make life easier for you as a client. One example is transparent handling of concatenated messages (a.k.a. long SMS messages). You only send your full message to us together with the recipients you want to reach. If the message needs to be split up in several short messages (due to the length limit of 160 characters per message), it will be handled automatically in the background.

Delivery receipts

It is possible to get real-time delivery receipts for sent messages delivered via HTTP requests to a webserver of your choice. The URL we deliver them to is configurable through our web interface. This helps you to keep track of which messages have been delivered, failed to deliver or are in transit through the mobile networks.


Receive incoming SMS

Regardless if you would like to give your recipients the possibility to reply to your messages or you wish to receive incoming SMS to your application - we have the solution. We offer virtual mobile phone numbers which look just like regular numbers, but with the difference that messages received are delivered via HTTP requests to a URL you specify.


E-mail to SMS

Do you have a system that is sending e-mails which you would much rather deliver as SMS? No problem! With our service you will get a unique e-mail address that you can mail to and we will automatically forward the contents as SMS to one or more recipients. This service has no additional cost, you only pay per sent SMS.



We offer and recommend our clients to communicate with our servers using encrypted connections (HTTPS). Of course we also support making HTTPS connections for outbound requests (incoming SMS and delivery receipts).


Get started using SMS communication
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