Premium IVR

Premium rate IVR calls are used in order to debit a consumer through their telephone bill. The service makes debiting smaller amounts easier and cuts the costs of invoicing these small amounts and following up on the collection. Instead, the consumer places a call to a premium rate number and the cost for making the call is deducted from their telephone bill. Afterwards all revenues are paid out once monthly.


Safe payment solution

Although the procedure and functions vary, Premium IVR is in general a very safe payment solution for consumers. In Sweden for example, when a consumer calls a premium rate number, they are informed of the price by an automated voice and asked to press 1 on a touch tone phone to confirm the charge. If confirmed, the call is routed to the premium service.

As an added safety feature, there is a grace period of ten seconds. If the call for some reason is interrupted within this period of time, no charge will be applied to the call. This prevents calls being made by mistake, or being charged due to technical issues or other problems.


Example call

  • The consumer calls the premium rate number and accepts the charge.
  • A script is read out loud: "Welcome to our payment service, please enter your membership number and then press the # key."
  • When the code has been entered, a technical request is performed (HTTP GET) towards your company server sending the information of the call made, including for instance the caller's telephone number and the code entered.

Our portal

In our web portal you can access real time statistics in an easy and comprehensive way. You can also use advanced search tools, change settings and find information in regards to calls made, revenue generated and documentation regarding regulations and technical integration.



Start-up fee 1000 SEK
Monthly fee 200 SEK
Transaction fee
Transaction fee in percentage of the tariff of the call
20% + 1 SEK per call
Payment terms
Out-payments are made monthly this number of days after the end of the billing month
15 days
Prices possible to charge 5 - 200 SEK (VAT incl) per call, indepedent of call duration.
Premium IVR

Let your customers purchase your services by placing a Premium IVR call
and pay via their telephone bill

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